Jody is the best the best stylist I've ever been to. As the saying goes "everyone has an opinion" but Koukla has the wrong info! Jody knows the clients hair and does a great job!!! Go to to her and you'll be amazed!!!
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Jody Snyder:
  • was over 20 minutes late showing up for our appointment first thing in the morning. UNPROFESSIONAL
  • claimed to have curly hair over the phone, but was wearing it stick straight when she finally did show up, claiming she rushed right over after having overslept. So she either took the time to straighten even though I was waiting, or - my guess - she's a liar about having curly hair. UNPROFESSIONAL OR UNETHICAL
  • complained about problems she was having with her ex husband and son during the entire time. UNPROFESSIONAL
  • didn't want to use the products I'd brought in, saying hers were better and calling Biolage (mine) "gel for dummies" RUDE
  • used conditioner containing silicone, and styling products containing silicone even though I told her I don't do that, and told her not to use products with those ingredients. UNETHICAL
  • pushed those same horrible products throughout, though I had told her I was satisfied with my own and wasn't interested in buying from her. ANNOYING
  • tried to roughly towel dry my hair - with a terry cloth towel - causing frizz. INCOMPETENT
  • started to blow-dry my hair and when I reminded her I had told her over th phone she'd need to diffuse, she revealed she didn't own a diffuser. She had to ask two of the other stylists if they had one she could borrow, and then didn't even know how to put it on her dryer - I had to do it for her. This from a self-professed "curly hair expert". INCOMPETENT
  • left the left side of my hair over an inch longer than the right side, and very badly stair-stepped and chopped the rear layers. The shortest "layer" was three curls that were barely three inches long at the crown, when I'd told her to do gentle long layers and nothing shorter than chin length. INCOMPETENT
  • gave me greenish color when it was supposed to be dark neutral blonde - I had to pay extra someplace else to get corrective color to fix what she'd done. INCOMPETENT
If this @#$%& really is the best stylist you've ever been to, you have astonishingly low standards. Even the most generous assessment anyone else in this thread has managed to give her is lukewarm at best. My information is not wrong. You know how I know that? Because it's my information.

But thanks for making my point for me about fake CurlSalons reviews and posters with a different kind of axe to grind so very well. Because you can't really think no one would have noticed that your review on the CurlSalons section had been one of the ones removed in the revamp (I remember your name, Marci, and your insubstantive yet gushing review style). Or that your first shill for Jody on the forums was posted in the forum feedback section because you didn't even take the time to look around the forum to know where to post it. Or that you then felt compelled to come back and post another review here yet again only a couple of weeks later - even though your topic had been since moved to the appropriate area. But no posts anywhere else on the site, and your public profile showed you had no activity on the forums except on those two dates. Profile created on the day of the first post, no activity between posts, and no activity since this second post - not even lurking. (Yeah - I checked.) Hmmmmm. I wonder why that is?

If there are others who truly had good experiences with Jody Snyder, I'm relieved for them. I'll take their reviews on a case-by-case basis and consider the source, as I've done with the other comments here about her - even though I personally would rather set my hair on fire than let her touch it again. But as far as I'm concerned, your posts on the topic of Jody Snyder are fake and I'll take them with a big fat salt lick.