I have head my thyroid checked numerous times,it is always normal.
I used to walk every morning-I started last spring-and LOVED it.
I walked FAST ,worked up a sweat,lost weight and felt GREAT.
I know-why can't I do it now?
I just can't get off my lazy ass,I guess.
I would much rather sleep.
In fact,I would rather sleep than just about anything these days.
It would be nice to sleep at night,but of course,I am too hot and fidgety and can't shut my brain off,and toss and turn.....***** ***** *****.....I fall asleep a good 2 hours after my head hits the pillow.
I have talked to my doctors about this and have had tests and there isn't anything wrong with me other than I am slightly anemic.(I always have been)
Last night I was lying in bed thinking "tomorrow I am going to get up ,get my son off to the bus stop and WALK!" I was SO motivated-at 10pm!
This am,I crawled back under the sheets and slept 4 more hours.
Thank you ,Blyss and Mandy,I am going to read the info you provided!

"what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?"

"If you judge people,you have no time to love them"
-Mother Theresa