So, about curly hair. I'm not sure how much you know about it, so I'll start from the basics.

1) Only shampoo about once a week. Shampoos with the igredients such as "soduim laureth sulfate" and "sodium lauryl sulfate" can be drying to hair, especially curly hair which is dry naturally. A lot of curlys use a sulfate-free condtioner a few times a week, and clarify with sulfate shampoos once a month.

2) You may want to avoid products with silicones. Um...there's an article here somewhere about 'cones, but I can't find it right now. Anyways, silicones give you short term shine, but they will coat your hair and make it crappy after a while. Many curlies avoid some or all cones because they don't shampoo often because it dries hair out (see above), and you *have* to use a sulfate shampoo if you use cones.

3) Find a good condioner. I use 2: A conditioner-only wash and an actual conditioner. I use a cheap Suave or V05 to CO wash, that is, use a conditioner like you would a shampoo. Massage your scalp with it, etc. After that, use a heavier, more moistureising conditioner.

4) Don't use a towel to dry your hair. It will most likely cause frizz. I use a t-**** to dry my hair, which cuts way down on the frizz. I actually mostly just squeeze the water out, and sorta blot with the t-shirt. Some curlies also use microfiber towles or turbans, but I find an old t-shirt works fine for me.

There's a *lot* more, but you can surf around the forums. I'm sure you'll find lots of advice.

Oh, one warning: If you aren't used to buying curly-specific products and you buy drugstore stuff, be prepared to spend some moolah. Your conditioner most likely isn't going to be from Long's. It will cost at least $10 for a tiny bottle. Most styling products that curlies here use are WAY more expensive than durgstore brands. When I first saw the prices of these products, my brain nearly imploded. I'm still not quite used to it. But I suppose you pay for a good quality product.

Good luck!
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