I had a hysterectomy at age 37, but ovaries were left. I was on tamoxifen for 5 years and used to get hot flashes while on that. I'm now 46 and am warmer than I used to be and get occasional hot flashes - but not as frequent nor as extreme as when on tamoxifen. But without having periods to go by, it's hard to judge where on the perimenopause/menopause continuum I am. My gyn doesn't believe in testing for hormome levels, she just says I'll know I'm done with menopause when I stop having hot flashes. I'd rather have a date to enter into my calendar so I'd know for sure when it's all done!
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I don't know where your gyn gets the idea that when you're done with menopause you will stop having hot flashes. For me it was 10 years before the hot flashes stopped.
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OMG SuZen! 10 years--that is truly depressing!
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Yup, not kidding!

I never had a hot flash until the moment my period stopped dead (I was 46). HRT took care of the flashes for a couple of years, but then I went back off after the reports came out of the bad effects. Since then I've just had to suffer. They got less frequent after about 6 years. This year (the 10th) I am pretty much flash free.