okay....prepare to be a little shocked. mine breaks the cardinal rule of curlosity, but it's giving me the greatest hair of my life. people are CONSTANTLY asking me if i use a curling iron.
after i rinse out my conditioner i flip my hair upside down and rake some product through it. then i LOOSELY wrap my hair in a towel turban for 3-4 minutes. no more or it gets too dry. then i take out the towel, keep my hair upside down, and scrunch in more product. cuts down on drying time by about 45 minutes, and it gives me really cute piecy waves/curls.
shoulder length 2Cmii
products: curl keeper, angell, redken fresh curls s&c

pw: "wavy" for NC, "i love u" for everything else

*avatar* adrian grenier is my hair idol, even though he's a guy.....hey, we're not sexist here!