Hi InMediasRes!!

I would say yes, getting enough vitamins is essential for ED people, so not only taking supplements but finding lots of healthy foods that are nutrient rich will help a lot too. For example I used to be vegan but made sure I had lots of fortified soya milk, so I got enough protein and vitamins, and also ate (in small amounts) different nuts and seeds, which are really good for skin and hair.

I also think that eating the right amount of fats (ewww!) has helped my hair tremendously, i dont mean fatty foods but foods with healthy fats in like avocados and oily fish. I practically live off salmon at times as its full of essential fats and has tons of protein, and if u get skinned fillets it doesnt have lots of calories! I think this has helped my hair a lot, plus I notice that my skin isnt as dry either when I have lots of salmon. I really need to get back on that... my hair is suffering a little bit these days

I have had omega supplements too, had to force myself and pretend they werent little capsules of fat... but yes I would def recommend them if you would find it easier.

Upping intake of vitamins, protein and essential fats is the way to go I reckon!

HTH, and take good care of yourself xxxxxxx
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