I'm sorry, I lied to you. I know that you don't feel guilt anymore but I do, especially at major things. Some part of me wishes that you could have seen through it. The fact that you didn't makes me glad I did lie.

I hate you, you know. I hate your b****y friends who bad mouth me all the time, I hate your overly dramatic life, I hate the fact that you rebel so much, and I hate the fact that you know nothing about me, even though I'm your best friend. Yeah, right, best friend. I seriously can't believe you're still friends with someone who hates me. And talks about it. A LOT.

I mildly dislike you too. You're really spoiled. You have some weird idea that life is this magical thing that is always fair. You never take risks. You are so obsessed with grades, it's a little pathetic. Yeah, I care about my grades, and I like to get As. But if I get a B, the world won't end. I'll be disappointed, but you nearly cried. And I know you laugh at me behind my back for not having a life, because the only hobby I have is writing. The thing is, I love writing. You hate golf, and yet you spend most of your life on it because you'll get a scholarship. I think that yours is a lot worse than mine.

That felt good.
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