Nuts, fish, fruit? wooow, I could never do that. To be honest, I live on coffee ketchup chips, sugar and vitamins. Yes this makes me indefinitely ill.
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I have had a similar mindset in the past and still do at times! It seems impossible sometimes and you cant even imagine being able to eat certain things. But the way I managed to eat healthier is by realising that I dont have to necesarily eat more, not if i dont want to.For example, the soya milk was easy cos i simply got the type that is only 26 calories instead of 126, it has the same amount of nutrients in. The nuts are insanely full of calories, but they are nutrient dense in much the same way, so therefore just a few nuts a day will give you tons of vitamins and minerals and some of the essential fats. I remember I used to make myself eat 2 small Brazil nuts a day, which i counted as 100 cals... you really dont need to eat a bag of nuts to get the benefits, just a few will do.

The fish thing was a case of finding frozen fillets with individual calorie counts on... i only buy the ones that are 150 cals per fillet, and have one with salad for my evening meal... simple but effective. Have you tried to include green salads into your eating? Cos leafy green things like spinach (i only eat it raw, like its lettuce) not only have vitamins but also lots of minerals in them too, including iron and calcium! All for like 20 cals! All these little things can contribute to improving our skin and hair, and general health... but doesnt have to compromise our food and/or weight issues.

Please please take care of yourself... and try to ensure the calories you do get are healthy calories.

Vitamins are a savior, although I hear it's not good to actually live on them. When it comes down to it, I think this is especially difficult for us and our hair is just one of the things we sacrifice with our disorder, along with our relationships, school, body, skin.. the list just goes on and on.
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I agree with you totally. I have at one point or another sacrificed all the best things in my life because of the eating disorder... loving supportive boyfriend, friends, my studies, my home, lots of things. The thing is i am still doing it... i will never learn.

Please be careful honey and take care of yourself xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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