I actually only eat dinner, and a little bit. I always make excuses like I ate at school and am not hungry.

To be honest, no one knows about my disorder, I am very ashamed... but I seem awkward most days. I fidget, I look as though I am not paying attention, I'll fall asleep, not be able to talk properly, trip over myself... and people assume it's drugs. My best friend calls me a steatopygous which is a term used to describe a figure with a fat ass, when I tell him to stop, he won't and will make cracks about my weight thinking it's funny because I'm "not fat".

Soy milk is wonderful! I can't handle dairy.

I'm scared for next week, my memory is shot and I'm always tired. I need to get through a Latin exam, Greek art exam and a Greek test...

I'm ranting again, it's a bad day.

I wish I had supportive parents and friends. When I had told my mother years ago that I am depressed, she told me to get the **** over it.