I actually only eat dinner, and a little bit. I always make excuses like I ate at school and am not hungry.

To be honest, no one knows about my disorder, I am very ashamed... but I seem awkward most days. I fidget, I look as though I am not paying attention, I'll fall asleep, not be able to talk properly, trip over myself... and people assume it's drugs. My best friend calls me a steatopygous which is a term used to describe a figure with a fat ass, when I tell him to stop, he won't and will make cracks about my weight thinking it's funny because I'm "not fat".

Soy milk is wonderful! I can't handle dairy.

I'm scared for next week, my memory is shot and I'm always tired. I need to get through a Latin exam, Greek art exam and a Greek test...

I'm ranting again, it's a bad day.

I wish I had supportive parents and friends. When I had told my mother years ago that I am depressed, she told me to get the **** over it.
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I can totally relate...or i could have totally related a few years ago. But that is terrible that you don't have anyone supportive of you!!! My parents were all for getting me help when i reached a all time low, but most of the time they weren't into doing what the doctors said would help me. They just wanted me to "snap out of it" But im happy to say after being hospitalized three times and attended day treatment 5 times, four years later i'm doing awesome and every year I have less and less bad days. But you should seek help because it only gets worse! You don't want this for yourself, it takes everything away...some things you'll never get back. Please help yourself if no one else will. Don't be ashamed. You need help and thats it, it's okay to ask for help!!!! Take care..if you ever want to talk to anyone you can talk to me...I've been there
3b/3c =) Finally loving my curls!