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OMG! Your hair looks AMAZING Jenn did a great job. Did she do your color as well? It just looks so shiny! I'm glad I have my appt. with her soon. Now I really can't wait. From looking at your first pics, I would say you are a 3B, is that what you consider yourself too?

Hooray for you! Now I can't wait for Oct. 16th!

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Jwalk, your hair looks gorgeous! That's a big difference.

CurlyBel (or anyone), is that about how long it takes to get in to see Jennifer? Three to four-ish weeks - or is that just when you preferred your appointment to be? I'm not quite ready to get my hair cut but I think it should be sometime around Halloween - and before the subsequent winter-holiday craziness - and I was wondering how much time I should factor in before I call for an appointment.
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sorry, I've been "off" for a while. It's about 2 weeks. I had to reschedule my first appt. from Sept. to Oct. But, I had my cut on Sept. 22nd! She had a cancelation and called me to see if I wanted it.
3B, thick, course, and lots of it!
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