Tamara Mooney at Tasha's Beauty Salon. Amazing color, haircuts and styles. I've been one of her clients for years. I'm so glad that I found her through this website!

Here's an interview with Tamara: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curl-s...defy-tradition
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I'm glad you have had a good experience with her, because I had the complete opposite.

I went to her twice, the first time she did ok, but cut more than I wanted. But, because she had told me that if I kept going back to her she wouldn't charge me the $100 that she usually does, I decided to give her a second chance. BIG MISTAKE! The first thing I told her when I sat down was that she had cut my hair too short the last time and that I didn't like short hair on me. At that point my hair was shoulder length. OMG! she cut it with a razor no less, and chin length! By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late. When she was done I told her "it's soooo short!" and her response was "well, you said you were wearing it in pony tails all the time anyways, at least now it's healthy and look at the curl!". I couldn't believe it! And to finish things off, when I went to pay she charged me the $100. When I told her she had mentioned she would charge me $75 the next time she said "oh, that's only if you come to me every 4-6 weeks!" If I did that I'd be bald! So, not only did she give me the worst cut ever, she completely cheated me! I cried for a whole week, because my hair was sooo short I couldn't even pull it back into a ponytail! HORRIBLE attitude, HORRIBLE cut, and she doesn't even listen to what you want. Plus, she's super expensive for what she does!

Sorry, but I had to say it so that other curlies won't fall victim to her razor!
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