If other children come out of the shadows and testify against MJ without any hope of a monetary gain, this will confirm MJ's guilt in my mind.

I think for now, I have to reserve judgment due to the credentials of the "victim" and his family.

I do wonder why McCauley(sp?) Culkin isn't speaking. Why isn't he coming out to defend Michael?

I do feel bad for Michael. Some of his so called "friends" who are going on Talk Shows are disgusting. That Rabbi and Uri Gellar - All I can say is "with friends like these..." Neither one had a problem kissing MJ's behind when the money was coming their way. Both of them at one time wrote beautiful articles about Michael's goodness.

To sum up my ramblings: I guess I can't cast my vote this week.
Originally Posted by Bettyboop
No one has questioned Germaine's (Jermaine's?) vehement defense of his brother, yet, so I will.

I understand why G/Jermaine is so angry. This is his brother, after all. I do not understand why he needs to play the race card and call this a lynching. I also want to know where the F, G/Jermaine was over the last 20 years when Michael has so obviously been crying out for help? As blue_ckies so eloquently said "I feel sorry for him. he must hate himself a great deal to have done what he did to himself appearance-wise. and I don't think he has anyone who cares enough to tell him to shape up. it seems like everyone's just using him for one thing or another." I want to know why his beloved brother and others did not intervene before?

PS: Seeing footage of Joe Jackson feeding the poor in Las Vegas made me ill. It just seemed so hypocritical!
Do you know why they call it "PMS"? Because "Mad Cow Disease" was taken.
--Unknown, presumed deceased