Hi there

I use Johnstons Baby conditioner for a co washing and more recently in Poundstretcher I found a Spearmint Original Source conditioner and also a Japanese make scalp scrub which I am loving. I use Shea Moisture leave in conditioner and its great as I have thick dry hair. Styling wise I use Boots curl creme and CK and have also used aloe gel. A few days ago I discovered Anita Grant site and have ordered some samplers from her range it looks great and it specially for naturally curly or afro caribbean hair and seems to be CG.
Maisiemugwump 3A

Mod CG

Low Poo Skin shop Dry Scalp shampoo and conditioner ..

Leave in Anita Grant Whipped Butter
Styling Boots Curl Creme, AVG ,CK Anita Grant Cafe Latte .

Wanting to try EVERYTHING lol ok Donna Marie Honey and Aloe Gel, KCCC, KCKT KBB leave in conditioner

Occasionally using Rhassoul Clay