According to the dateline special, he does have discoloring on his weewee. Apparently, I was told that it's a black thing. I don't know. But according the the people they talked to on Dateline, the description was accurate. Do you really think he would give someone 30 million dollars for telling a lie ...not to mention if the discovery proved false?
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wow! can it be? smc over here at the curly board. the geeks boring you?

i have seen one black and one biracial (which equals black to me) peenie close up, both were uniform in color.
girl, i wouldn't give 30 million if i were innocent. yet, i wouldn't accept cash for a crime either.
i have not made up my mind about this case because it can go either way. what i am sure about is mj behaves inappropriately according to our society's rules. whether he is molesting little boys i can't say, but outside of a camping trip or vacation, it is not normal or standard for an adult man to share his bed or bedroom with a child that is not his close relative.