I'm way up here in N. County in Fallbrook but if you are anywhere around here or willing to travel I can highly recommend my stylist I've been seeing for probably 7-8 years, Tricia Sehnert at So Cal Tanning.

She originally worked in Orange County and still has customers come all the way from there to get her to do color cause she's that good.

As far as curls, she's fantastic. She does not have real curly hair but grew up with a sister that does and she learned a lot from her. She is the one that turned me on to Curly Girl and she attends every Curly Girl class she can. Her comment to me one time was "we love curly girls here".

The biggest compliment I can give her is she listens. She has good suggestions as well. She knows how to take only a little off when I say I want only a slight trim and shaping. She understands curly hair and the shrinkage factor. She's done a great job with color and highlighting of my red hair especially when I was very nervous about trying it. Now I wouldn't go without it.

She took care of my hair cut needs when I had hair down to my waist. Then when I got adventerous she did a great job of cutting my hair up to above my shoulders (which she rec'd several calls from people in town about what a great job she did) and then when I went completely short. Now I'm growing it back out and it's down to above bra strap. She's been able to handle it all. She's very good in helping with the grow out and keeping the hair in shape.
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Thanks, RedCurlsGirl! I'm in North County too, so I'm glad to hear there's another CG friendly stylist. I'm really happy with my current stylist, but it's great to know there's a North County alternative just in case. Fallbrook's a bit of a distance from me, but it's still closer than SD. And in the past I've traveled as far as 60 miles to get to a stylist I feel good about.

Just curious: does Tricia cut you wet or dry?
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