Having hideously curly red hair (frizzy!!!), I have tried it all so I was really skeptical when I saw the informercial. I've seen that stuff before. But I broke down and tried it, not expecting much, but was I surprised. It smoothed my hair and made it really shiny and no frizzies at all. What an amazing tool!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!!!! So I would definitely recommend it if you are thinking of trying it - for curly hair, it was well worth the price because it also took about half the time to do my hair. I'm in love with it.
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Wow, so you purchased, and it worked for you, that's what my question has been, does it really smooth and straighten like the infomercial and the website advertise...did you have to do anything special when prepping to use it or did you go through your regular straigtening routine and then use the tool?
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PJs mom, did you try this yet? Just curious.....