You guys look great both ways!
I just realized how few pictures I have of myself. Sorry for the poor quality of these, I'll get my husband to take a current snapshot for me this weekend.
By the way, how are you guys posting the pics big on here? I just did attachments.
Here are 3: straight, wavy, & curly
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You look grrrreat in all of them! I'm totally jealous. As for the pictures. Instead of putting them in as attachments, if you right click on the photo you want to post and go to properties, under address or location, it'll have something there. Copy that location, then in here, click on the insert image link. It has mountains with something that looks like a postage stamp, then just paste the location in there. Voila! Inserted pictures instead of attached!
2B...ish pw: drama
This area is under construction as my hair type changed and nothing works well for me. I shampoo, I condition and pretty much have done nothing but chuck my hair in a messy bun for the past oh...year? Yeah, I'm that lazy.

No...going no-poo or CG does not work for me. It leaves me overconditioned and oily in a second no matter what I use, so that's not what's not working.