friday night was date night....with my hair

co-washed w MOP mixed greens condish
applied homemade caramel treat, left in 3 hrs
used devacare one as lic
blew dry 80%
used aveda brilliant humectant pomade to do 2 strand twists
rolled the ends with rollers
wearing a beret right now bc it's gonna rain
will release the twists on a sunny day
The 411:
Detangle: HE Hydralicious,Inecto Coconut Oil Condis,Yes to Carrots,HE Hello Hydration
Poo:100% African Black Soap
DT: molasses, AO HSR, EVOO, coco milk, LustraSilk Shea Butter, castor oil,shea
Leave-In: Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier, Qhemet Detangling Ghee,Shea,AO HSR
Homemade Hair Cream

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