This is a great thread My problem is that I feel like I can't just let my hair be natural...cause natural means a huge poof ball of frizz! Granted, I'm still in the process of changing how I act to my hair. But the frizz is what kills me. Do any of you wavies notice it's not just frizz, but it's CURLED frizz?? It's like I have all these tiny curled hairs all over, and my hair isn't curly! So they're very hard to get down with just product.

I am glad though that I'm finally admitting that my hair is wavy lol. Since forever I've been brushing my hair out, which makes it straighter but very poofy, then dumping gallons of silicone products in it to make it flat. Or straightening it all the time which kills your hair. Enough! I want to just have my hair how it naturally wants to be. The only problem is my hair naturally wants to be frizzy
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exactly!i have a problem with frizzyness too!and that's exactly what my frizz is tiny annoying curled frizz looks like dead hair!! -sigh-

yesterday i tried molasses+honey rinse since i saw on a thread that it gave more hold and less frizz..argh!but then i had to wrestle with my hair just to get it to look,well, not messy!in the end i gave up and combed it straight and put it in a ponytail and went to school, which worked ok and looked soft and smooth, no frizz at all!but the whole day i was missing my curls/waves..then when i got home i let my hair down and after a few hours, i suddenly had 2a 90% frizz free hair ..so i decided to put it up in a pineapple so i could preserve it, but come this morning my scalp was too oily that i just had to wash it, now im letting my hair dry, and though i hav good curl formation, THE FRIZZ just wont go away!