Ok - I did a little research this morning (I was too tired last night) to find out why it's "ok" to use amodimethicone as opposed to other cones.

I found this Curl Chemist article:


But I think this is the most important paragraph in order to understand the big question that lays heavy on all CGs minds - will it build up?

"Once the amine-functional silicone is deposited onto the surface of the hair, it spreads out and forms a cross linked film when it dries. This cross linked film can last through several washings, which is considered to be advantageous in most applications. A unique property of these polymers is that once in place on the surface of the hair, they repel further deposition of amine-functional polymers on top of the existing layer, preventing buildup. This cross-linked film seals moisture inside the hair shaft, holding the cuticle flat and providing excellent wet and dry comb-ability. An additional benefit of these silicones over other cationic polymers (such as polyquats) is their high refractive index, which gives the hair a high degree of gloss and shine."

And if you have a few minutes, a quick read through this thread can help to straighten things out even further.


So from what I understand, amodimethicone is fairly specialized and pretty hard to build up. Of course, every curly is different, and it can build up on some, but it's unlikely given its chemical composition and properties.

There! We have what seems to be an answer! *lol*

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