I just had the Keratin therapy done on July 14th. Can't believe how nice it stays in the humidity. I just hope it lasts for 3 months, I teach aerobics and work out alot so I wash my hair everyday with Pureology (that is what the salon suggested). I found a place in downtown boston. Beaucage is doing it on Newbury St. Has anyone had it done a second time I am curious to see if it improves or lasts longer if you continue to have it done?
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I am so thrilled with the Copolla Keratin Complex! My blow dry was in record time-it was really wash and wear, amazing, but I too work out alot! I do it every other day and I need to know if that will make it last less time??? How is your hair responding to the sweat so far??? Can you tie it in a ponytail???