How interesting to find this thread when I came to the board to announce that I am giving up trying to wear my hair natural. I give UP.

I've been trying GC for a few weeks now and have gotten mostly bad reviews. My Dh is lukewarm, my mom is not even that.

I saw a ton of family members on Saturday and I got the, "ohhhhhh, you're going for the windblown look?" and, "oh, umm, I like it. It looks.... ummmm, cute?"

I feel so self-conscious and ugly. And the things that others said in this thread really hit home. I've never worried so much about my hair and how I looked until I started trying to wear it natural. Some days I think my hair looks okay, but then, as others stated, I touch it or sit against a couch or something and I've got this rat's nest atop my head

I'm going to have to wrestle with my hair constantly to get it to look even semi-decent and I don't know that I have it in me.