I agree that it's your hair and the only one who has to like it is you. So it's your decision.
Personally, the last time I cut my hair this short was way back in 6th grade and I will NEVER do it again. I had an afro with no defined curls, just frizz everywhere. Not a good look on me.

Cutting your hair this short is a big commitment. If you dont like it, it will take a long time to grow out.
I think you have to decide if you want to cut it like this because you like the style and think it would look good on you, or is it because you're tired of your hair and want a change?
If you like the style and think if would look good, i say go for it!
If it were me, i'd only be looking for a change and would wind up regretting it.
Good luck! Major hair decisions are always the toughest!!
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