I'm not convinced by saying "not one of us" that it's a racist comment it could mean a number of things
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I'm a white girl who grew up in Appalachia. Believe me, when a white person tells a bunch of white people that someone is "not like them" it's all about race. Whether one wants to dig on Obama for being black or "Arab" or "Muslim" that's what getting out.

It's totally different from someone saying "His tax plan is not like ours."
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Really? I'm also a white girl who grew up (and lives) in Appalachia and I've always felt that people in my area (southeast KY) are and were more divided by class than race. This is a phrase I've heard before meaning that someone was rich and didn't know what it was like to be a blue-collar worker and so on. I've actually heard a lot of these sort of comments in the McConnell vs. Lunsford race for Senate.

Oh, I've also heard this being used toward people from other areas - of the country, not the world.
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I'm sure it was used for class in some areas. Where I grew up, "those people" or "they're not like us you know", usually said in a certain tone, meant blacks. Wealthier people were referred to as "those snobs", often with a sort of a turning up the nose with ones thumb gesture to go along with it.
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