I agree with the poster that said it's hard to tell what curl type he'll eventually be.

I know biracial children who are 4c and kinkier, who started out with hair like your nephew's in his infant photos.

Anything is possible--I've seen biracial kids with 4C-and-above with hair kinky enough to loc (Bob Marley had a full-white father).......and biracial kids with hair so pin-straight that they have no need to come to this board. And sometimes they're siblings, even.

Hopefully they're not brushing his hair, it makes it way frizzier. They could also try using a big shower comb to detangle, and detangle only when wet or damp. You could also try finger-curling random sections his hair while it's damp and the product has already been applied, then let them dry naturally.

And ITA with wavesncurlz--embrace his natural hair, whether it's big chunky curls or a kinky afro. I think that's really important--so he won't think that something's "wrong" with him or his hair. Just keep it moisturized and healthy, and let it 'do what it do' naturally. He's cute as a button! I don't see anything wrong w/his hair either.

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