Hi All,
I'm a 2a curly top and have always had an enviable mane of hair. The kind that breeds family lore. I've been told how all the nurses at the hospital were abuzz with my curlly mini mane. And, when my parents decided to first cut my hair short at the age of 6, the pony tail with the ribbon has been preserved for all of prosperity. So, what's my gripe?

Well, about 8 years ago I had the worse case of facial seborrheic dermatitis you'd ever want to see. Finally got it cleared up but truth is it never really goes away, they say you can get it in remission, be symptomless but it will always come back. And it does, on my head. One day of no shampooing and I've got dandruff "plagues". Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Then, to add insult to injury. I noticed my hair has become noticably thinner in front. Significantly so, tho most say they don't notice at all, I'm painfully aware! My minor gripe is that my gray seems more resistant. I'm 44 and feel I'm going to hell in a handbasket!! I'm so disallussioned!


Anyone relate!?!?!