Wow, I never knew the origins of enny meeny miny mo. I think we used tiger.
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I heard all three versions growing up.
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I never heard the "tiger" one until my son was a child. The first two are what I heard growing up in a small town in the North that was white as snow.

Also the "game" where everyone would pile on top of someone, when I was a child it was a "n*gger pile", then they changed it to "monkey pile". Coincidence? I think not.

I would hope that people reading this who think that it is not offensive to talk like that learn that it is. Kids repeat things they hear their parents say, out of ignorance. But for adults to know full well that what they are saying is offensive and say it anyway, that is hatred.
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Whoa.. I've never heard of any of this... we used "tiger" too... And we used to say "dog pile" not monkey or anything else... Not to mention that I didn't even know monkey was a racial slur until I was MUCH older and was watching Clerks II... I used to call my best friend "Monkey" as a term of endearment...
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