Being a male with naturally curly hair the social stigma has always been a huge weight on my shoulders. Granted now that it's long enough to fit into a pony tail things are not quite so bad, but throughout elementary/middle school I had &%$@#! shoveled in my face on a daily basis. One that stands out in my mind quite clearly would be during science class in seventh grade, I was commissioned by my teacher to carry a load of microscopes down to the 8th grade teacher's science room. I was simply going to slip through his door, drop the items off, and leave. But of course it couldn't be that simple, the teacher actually interrupted his class to ask, aloud, 'Is your hair permed?' (I was one of only a few boys with curly hair in the entire district, mine being slightly more noticable than theirs anyhow). Now I suffer from social anxiety and am generally shy and easily intimidated, and this 8th grade class was a group of people that stood out as being particularly mean and intimidating regardless, so all of those things in conjunction really made me want to crawl into a hole and die. I know that story may not exactly sound terrible now, but in the moment it had a profound effect on me then.
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That's awful!

Guys with curly hair look hot!
3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves