Curlilocks - are you keeping your hair that length or planning to grow it longer?
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I've had it longer in the past. It was bum length as a child, and since then has gotten shorter. Actually, I grew it all out again after I got married and moved to Germany the first time. I couldn't find a good stylist, so I let it grow and only had the ends trimmed. I have a pic somewhere, but it wasn't pretty! I looked like walking hair-- it totally over-powered me (I'm petite). I actually have let it grow just a bit, but I don't plan to let it get much longer than shoulder length again. My curls get too weighed down when my hair is long, it's very heavy then.

Here are some older pics of me:
March 1998 was after I moved back to the States and cut it. But you can see how the curl is more pulled out. You can also see my 1992 pic before I knew as much about encouraging the curls.

Anyway, I'll stick with the shorter hair. It's easier to manage, uses less product, and dries much faster! And if I can find someone to cut my hair like it was in Germany (like your Sept cut), then I'll stick with that!

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