You look amazing!
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Thank you! I'm going to DC to my niece's wedding leaving on Friday so I do plan to spend some time on a style. It will probably be a strawset since I've mastered it and don't want to risk a bad hair day on Saturday. I'll strawset on Thurs. night keep the curls unseparated until right before the wedding on Sat. and then separate and fluff. I like Nikki's twist & curl styles but so far its been hit or miss for me and my hair don't always come out just right and my natural curl is basically gone thanks to Henna. If I brush it w/ my Goody brush its darn near frizzy straight. It takes nothing to zap it straight with my Sedu flat iron w/one pass. I just enjoy practicing the natural styles and only use the iron occassionally.

I know this is too long. I'll post a photo after the wedding.

No more $248.25/mo train pass to buy and its the same train (different route) that had the big crash with the Engineer sending text messages--since I'm now riding with my oldest daughter, who is a lawyer and has a Hybrid car, I'm enjoying sitting back and relaxing. I'm really enjoying having her take care of Mom. She drops me off and picks me up at my job. What I poured into her is coming back to me. I'm blessed!!! I know this is off subject. Just wanted to let you guys know that in spite of my husband going home to be with the Lord, my family has kept my spirits high and that I'm fine.
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and Henna/Alma/Indigo. I'm finding out less product is better for me. Photo shows me at my house in SoCal with picked out dry hair w/ a little leave-in cond.
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