i love oprahs wig! if i had that same wig, id rock it everyday too.
oh and i think pigs will fly before oprah shows the world her natural texture.
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No you won't because your natural curls look better. LOL. And I agree (pigs will fly before Oprah show her natural texture), but you never know, anything is possible. Maybe Oprah or her girlfriend Gail will find out about this forum and if so, Oprah I still love U

I'm a little over the lace front too...It's time to switch it up O
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So I'm I and I heard that they have to shave your edges in order to glue the lace front on. Is this true? Also, someone told me that lacefront wigs were invented for women who have lost their hair during chemo and if that's the case, then I'll support it for this reason.
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