miss diamond you look GOOD girl!

I bumped my ends today.

mind you I did tae bo today and yesterday, and an hour of hatha yoga. sweated like you wouldn't believe. smb is the truth and the light.
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Thanks you! Call me "young" at heart. I guess you guys know I celebrated my 60th and I thank God every day for my health and strength. I continue to walk more than 2 miles on my lunch hour and then at night go to the gym 3 nights for an hr. min. So, lately I've cut back on the time consuming hair routines. Today its just a simple puff.

Also Thank you to Brandycat - I must say I agree - Castor Oil is fantastic!
Fully Natural.Last Relaxer August 2003. Fav Conditioners HE LTR, Elucence
and Henna/Alma/Indigo. I'm finding out less product is better for me. Photo shows me at my house in SoCal with picked out dry hair w/ a little leave-in cond.
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