I am an American living bi-continentally between the US and France. My boyfriend is French and of course he supports Obama. (The French generally do not like the US conservative doctrine...even their "far-right" camp would be the US eqivalent of "moderate". They don't have an equivalent to the US "republican" camp...the right in the US is a lot more extreme than the French right.) I'd say the OVERWHELMING majority of Frenchmen support Obama, don't want another four years of Bush relations/failed policies, and they equate Obama to a very contemporary JFK.

My best friend is German and living in the US. He of course supports Obama. He's not allowed to vote yet, unfortunately, but he said if he could, he would definitely vote for Obama. He said he actually seems "sincere", etc. (He seems to really favor Obama, too; I was shocked.)

I would think if someone were from the Middle East, that's a region that would definitely support the conservatives. Bush has done a lot to help/provide protection and incentives for the UAE, for example. So they overwhelmingly support the Republicans.

But in Europe, my take as an American-born person living overseas is that they overwhelmingly support Barack Obama. I hope that one day we can reestablish relations with Europe, as we need the west on our side and it would make things a lot easier for me when I'm home in France.
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