Brewcurlgirl: I love your hair in the pic! And you have no makeup on???? You look amazing!

BB: Gorgeous as always. Actually you kinda suck your hair always looks SOOOO perfect AND you have that gorgeous little girl to boot.

Virtualbabe: Amazing curls and length. How long did it take you to grow it that long? I've been growing mine out of a pixie cut for 4.5 years and it feels likes it's NEVER going to be that long.
Originally Posted by whatsercurl
Thanks whatsercurl! I've always worn my hair long since my teens so I couldn't really tell how long it takes to grow. I know it grows at a slow rate and I would go for a trim once a year, about 2 inches off. I haven't cut my hair since last year so right now, my hair is down to the small of my back if worn straight and it springs back up about 5-6 inches when it's curly.
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