Bye and your are so very wrong about Obama. How you vote for a man who has called his a c**t, left his first wife for the this airhead beauty queen because she was rich, associated with G. Gordon Liddy of the watergate scandal,was apart of the Keating 5,Ask for Hagge's endorsement and then picked this backwards airheaded woman for the second highest office in this country is beyond me,However I voting my grandson and every child in this great land to have a future and they won't have it with McCain. See Ya. Oh and by the way Sunday is the segregated day in the world. I don't go to church with white folks neither doesn't make me a racist.
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I was watching a documentary about his life (McCain's) and how he left his first wife after she waited for him all of that time to be with said beauty queen. I'm going to post a thread about it, I think.
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