Hey, it's fine if people want to vote for McCain. If it wasn't for Palin, I would probably have considered (CONSIDERED) voting for him, but now there is no way.

I am not voting for Obama because he's black. He is not the Dems choice because he is black. That's a ridiculous thing to say. Should all presidents be white men forever on out? If Hilary won, would people say that the only reason she won is because she's a woman?

I understand how disappointed you feel, I do, and I am not being snarky, but I was never, ever in favor of the war in Iraq, and I felt just as disappointed when Bush won again in 2004, as I am sure a lot of people did.

So the Republicans had 8 years of their guy, their choice. The Dems might get their pick this time. It goes back and forth.

But no matter who wins, I don't think that either candidate will be in for 2 terms.

I don't think that the US is going down a dark path if McCain is pres (oh man but Palin???? aakkkkkk!!!!!) nor do I think that people who are voting for McCain are making a bad choice. It's their choice. People are different and have different politics. I think you have a skewed view of people who don't share your view of the world. We're really not that bad. We're not unpatriotic, lazy, or looking for a handout.
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