Hey, it's fine if people want to vote for McCain. If it wasn't for Palin, I would probably have considered (CONSIDERED) voting for him, but now there is no way.

I am not voting for Obama because he's black. He is not the Dems choice because he is black. That's a ridiculous thing to say. Should all presidents be white men forever on out? If Hilary won, would people say that the only reason she won is because she's a woman?
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I am in agreement with this. Unfortunately, there is what seems to be an overwhelming majority of women voters in the US who are only interested in seeing a woman in the White House...even if she's not highly-qualified, inarticulate, corrupt, etc.

I refused to read beyond the OP's initial few sentences because of the extremist slant of her past posts. I'm usually fairly conservative on most issues, but posts like the original post and the OP's past posts make me feel ashamed of the republican party (and I'm independent...albeit a very conservative independent).

I don't want people to think if you're conservative that you must be an extremist, a propagandist, or unrealistic/dishonest. And I'm not voting for anyone because of their gender or their melanin count.

I was talking to a banker a few years ago at work and he said that people would only vote for a particulate NY candidate (won't mention his name here) because of his skin color. He also stated that said candidate would only represent the interests of people with similar skin color (that sounds so stupid, I'm embarrassed to even write it.).

I asked this person, "so I should assume that any "white" candidate running will only be elected because of his skin color, right?...and I should assume that said "white" candidate will only represent the interests of people who are "white", right?"

He then said he saw how stupid what he said sounded.

You can't argue with logic.
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