Spoken like someone who's never watched O'Reilly or Fox. I could say that all the pro-Obama posts are just MSNBC rhetoric parroted by Keith Olbermann and the like. I just think it's wrong to dismiss a differring opinion by saying it sounds like Limbaugh or O'Reilly or whoever when Susans post was calm, rational, and not inflamatory or confontational.
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It's not wrong to dismiss a differing opinion and if you read the posts here from the original poster, RedCat, and others here, you would see that they did not argue a differing opinion.

What they argued was INCORRECT, MANIPULATIVE PROPAGANDA. I put that in caps because that's key here and it's clear that you either did not read the past posts leading up to this, or you simply aren't concerned.

I'm a veteran and a conservative, but I don't appreciate anyone or any posts that make conservatives look like some sort of extremist caricature. I also don't appreciate when ANY party tries to seal my vote by using fear tactics, progaganda, and basic untruths.

THAT is what people here have had a problem with and if you read past posts here, you'll see that. If you don't see it, I assume you simply don't care.

Frankly, the law student, veteran, and conservative in me finds fear tactics/propaganda/untruths insulting. Give me facts.
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