Rush Limbaugh would be so proud to know how well he's washed your brain...
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People who say stuff like this are the ones who are brainwashed. Where does Limbaugh come into ANY of what Susan said?

Susan, yours was one of the most honest posts in this entire forum and I absolutley agree with you on many of your points. Unfortunately, no matter how rational and well throught out your own opinions are, others will dismiss them for no good reason. Thank you for writing this.
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Honest, rational, well thought out post? Please. All she did was repeat the same thing every media outlet has been saying for the past few months.

susan is disappointed that voters are going to choose a man who is intelligent, confident, and gives fantastic speeches. Heavens no! That CAN'T mean he's actually a qualified person!

susan is offended because Obama's family may have attended a predominantly black church. Yet I watched the GOP Rally, and the only minority group in the entire building were the Asian waiters.

I haven't heard a single thing here that has sounded interesting, intelligent, or something I haven't already heard, and threw things at my t.v for broadcasting to me.
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