Wow! Really pretty hair!
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I agree it as amazing! My jaw actually dropped when I saw it! Pls tell us your secrets!!! I'd love my hair to look like that, perfect little glossy curls, no frizz at all! Tell me tell me tell me......
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Of course I will tell Thank you so much for the compliment.

In that photo I had used creme of nature shampoo, a tiny amount of CK and gradually added Joiwhip mousse while diffusing.

My current routine I have eliminated the creme of nature.
I am using VO5 conditioners for washing. Still small amounts of CK and have switched my beloved Joiwhip to Pantene Ice Shine Mousse while diffusing.
And I diffuse till my hair is completely dry. I hate the feeling of wet hair.

The Ice Shine is CG friendly and over ten dollars cheaper!!

I have a some layers in my hair and my texture is like pipe cleaners. I can honestly make it go and stay in a bunch of different directions. But it feels soft to the touch.