I'm confused here. I think I just read in two posts about have MORE government control under Obama.

Is that the way it looks to you? As if under Obama we will be under MORE government scrutiny than we are under Bush, or would be under McCain?

Did I miss something?
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Don't get me wrong, I am NOT happy with the expansion of governemnt that has occurred under the Bush administration, and yes, I do think there will be an expansion of government under Democrats. It's not so much "scrutiny" that worries me, and I'm not too worried about the black helicopters scanning the chip that will be implanted in all our heads conspiracy theory sort of scenario. No, I am more concerned about more mundane intrusions, the endless sort of regulation of everything, the "now, now, it's for your own good" nanny-state death by a thousand little cuts type of government. But, I'm planning to have fun with it, may get my dog the "I can lick myself, I don't need the government to do it for me" t-shirt a saw a few years ago!
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