Finally, and most important, an Obama administration may be really the best thing that could happen for the Libertarian Party, I think we'll win over a lot of new people when they realize what uber-government intrusion in our lives is really like.
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Are you kidding, with the BUSH listen to our phone calls and read our emails under the guise of checking for terrorist. Are you really serious?
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Awww, don't I get any points for looking on the bright side? Believe me, the Bush administration has lured a lot of people I know to the libertarian point of view, credit where credit is due, I just think an Obama admisistration will be even better at it! And like I said, it's not the "Big Brother is Watching You" scenario that undermines freedom, its the tiny subtle ways government slithers into our lives through seemingly benign regulation. I really do hope Obama will have the most open government ever and we'll get to finally see all the files on Area 51!
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