I tend to not agree with the few susancw posts I've read. But I have to co-sign on this one. I can understand why it's your last post, there's almost a week left and this election is definitely intense. Ignore some of the more ridiculous comments and just pray the country makes the best decision with the options we have.

And whoever is defending Acorn do you think they are just registering fake people for kicks? This is not a few stray volunteers meeting a quota. This is a systemic problem that is "conveniently" occurring in all the swing states. They also receive federal funds to not register all the people they claim and thereafter clog up the courts and electoral offices with their dubious voter rolls. I think you would want to look into the sketchy history of the organization yourself before you sing their praises. And you might want to recheck the definition of voter fraud because they is exactly what they are doing. It's called voter registration fraud. There are lots of ways both parties try to destroy the integrity of our elections. But I'm not going to pretend ACORN is some great organization especially with the role they played in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac crisis. I will say that I'm surprised there isn't more hullabaloo over mail-in-registration and absentee ballots.

I never thought I'd say it but maybe we should take some electoral lessons from Mexico. They require every voter to prove citizenship and eligibility by presenting a federally issued Mexican voter ID card that bears the voter's picture, fingerprint, a holographic image to prevent tampering and a barcode. This is a very simple and elegant solution. And the Democratic party would most likely oppose it.