Myradella3 - I got the impression that the OP, like so many others here, myself included, have very busy lives. Many of us can not spend a big chunk of time on a daily basis hanging out on Curl Talk debating issues.

I have a husband, kids, and a household to run with all the everyday things that entails. I spend some time in the morning scanning threads, posting on occasion, and getting on with my day. I can't help that others will interpret my style of posting as someone who does not wish to get into a lengthy debate or is avoiding anything. I just have different priorities that do take precedence over posting on a hair forum.

I prefer it that way.
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In the several paragraphs that the OP used to bid us farewell, she could have answered the questions she was asked. Or do as she has chosen to do which is not participate in an interaction such as this which suggests that the discussion will be two-way.