what specifically bothers you about each one?
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Thank you for that link, TommyCat. There was something like this in Le Monde a while back (the French newspaper) that could tell me what candidate best represented my views and concerns. I was REALLY surprised by the result!

As for what bothers us about each candidate, the choice of Palin immediately cancels out the need to further consider McCain as a choice for president. Regardless of what McCain does or decides, the fact is that the VP has to be able to step in in the terrible case that something should happen to a president.

McCain is 72 years old and the oldest presidential candidate in US history. He also had a form of cancer with a high recurrence rate. He has refused to release any more detail in his medical records on that issue.

Lord forbid something should happen to him...there's no way Palin should be stepping into the presidential seat, in case something did happen. She's simply unfit to be president and makes any further consideration of McCain unnecessary (for me).
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