so it would work with my Remington? it's round - but does the attachment adjust for sizing???
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That's the part I'm not sure about. It says it has a universal adaptor that fits 99% of hair dryers. I just hope mines not that 1%.
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The opening where it attaches to the dryer is expandable with an elastic band inside like many other diffusers have. It may not stay on a tapered nozzle that is narrower at the bottom and gets wider as it goes up. I don't think I've ever seen a square nozzle, but as long as it'll fit into the round opening (I'd estimate it's 2.5-3" across), the way it adjusts, it could conceivably stay on.

Got mine at Ulta but I had to ask about it - it wasn't with the other diffusers or with the other Deva products. $39.99 unless you have an Ulta coupon of some kind. This includes the hand-shaped diffuser, the adapter attachment, and a travel-size bottle of Set It Free.
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