I remember people being so worried about this during the primaries. I'm still surprised at the plot because I didn't think the public would hear anything about such things. What makes this so disturbing to me is they wanted to kill him and then go on a killing spree on everyone else. God help us.
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Crazy isn't it? It's also disturbing on how young they were, to me this shows that their family/environment programmed them to hate African Americans (and anyone who isn't "white"). I know there are many more people like them out there, waiting for their chance as well. Why, just why that is all I want to know. Why must this vile hatred be passed down, people need to stop the madness.

It's disheartening to see these things still going on and with no signs of changing. I wonder if 100-200 years from now things will still be the same with regards to racism and other issues plaguing humans. Can we learn and move on? Or will we just continue to live in the twilight zone?
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