I never thought I'd say it but maybe we should take some electoral lessons from Mexico. They require every voter to prove citizenship and eligibility by presenting a federally issued Mexican voter ID card that bears the voter's picture, fingerprint, a holographic image to prevent tampering and a barcode. This is a very simple and elegant solution. And the Democratic party would most likely oppose it.
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Yes lets take another step towards "big brother is watching us" kind of thing. Next thing you know the North American Union will be put into effect and then we will all have RFID chips courtesy of the government to track our every movement. RFID chips are already in use in things like jeans and money, the FDA has already approved the human implantable chip and have been experimenting with it. Yes that is exactly the path this country need to take.
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Who said RFID would have to be in the Voter ID card. Should we stop issuing driver's license because of those "big brother" fears. It's kind of silly considering RFID's are already in use. And honestly the government and private companies already can track almost everything you do. For the rest of us who live on the grid, have credit cards and an internet connection, pay our taxes, don't homeschool, etc I don't see how this is a problem. You really would prefer we keep our elections in some litigious banana republic style?
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I hope I didn't come off as trying to attack you, I wasn't. I was thinking of the Real ID Act when I posted this, even if there are ways for the gov't to track almost everything you do there are ways around it. I would like to go into more detail but I just can't find the words and how to say them. I guess I'll just leave it at that until I can find a way to gather my thoughts in a cohesive manner.
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