Were the 90's so "nanny state?" Were the Clinton years so socialist?

I am surprised at how many people think that we are going to go North Korea/China if Obama wins.

Oh well. Nevermind.
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McCain and his supporters know damn well that we aren't turning into a socialist (or communist) country. It's rhetoric, hyperbole, meant to scare the less-than-smart voters.
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Tilly, I think you are getting things confused no one has brought up China or North Korea those are horrible examples unless you meant to be hyperbolic.

To Red Cat Waves, I think McCain and his supporters can speak for themselves. The country has been going in the wrong direction for a long while now. What is capitalistic about nationalizing banks, that was under Bush. I am no fan of Bush, and all that "economic progress" under Clinton has now prove to be pretty illusionary, those bubbles have burst.

I will be blunt. I don't trust Obama. There is a thread that runs through his life story and his associates and it has little to do with the Founders or Adam Smith. It not fear-mongering to look at who he associates with, how he votes, and things he has said off-script.